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Hello, let me introduce myself a bit...I am a wife, a mother, a grandmother, and a retired labor and delivery room nurse of 38 years. Since retiring, my days have become mostly calm and unstructured. My Fluid Days blog is part of that life, though not updated at this time. My Hadrian's Wall Blog is the journal of our 100 mile walk across England in 2009 and again in 2010. My Dales Way Journal is about another long-distance hike we did in September of 2014. Russ, my husband and best friend for 46 years is my walking companion. He keeps me laughing and makes every day a joy.
Come with Russ and me as we walk 84 miles coast-to-coast across northern England, following the remains of Emperor Hadrian's amazing fortress....Judy


May 12 -- Flight To London

Well, the great adventure has begun. We've been walking every morning in anticipation of this long-distance hike and are excited about seeing the British countryside up close. We have been to the UK many times, but are usually driving. This will be different and fun!

It was a real chore to keep our two suitcases below 44 pounds each. That is the limit Contours-(our booking company) has given us for transporting our luggage every day. So Russ's was 44 lbs. and mine was 43! How's that for calling it close? Sometimes a little OCD comes in handy!

Our flight connections weren't the best, we flew to San Francisco first and then non-stop to London, Heathrow. I've been dreading the 10-hour flight, but it was uneventful and actually went by pretty fast. Our plane landed about 7:00 AM on Wednesday. We will spend several days in London to get used to the time change, then will take the train north to Newcastle.

Next Entry: Saturday May 16, Day 1.

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